A cold spring morning 

This is probably not a typical morning for myself, especially on the weekend. It is probably the beginning of a long summer with unpredictable business, weather, and people. The flea market is what I’m talking about and it does have its on little world of excitement. This adventure is mostly due to my parents who have a garden which caters to a specific demographic but it doesn’t limit itself to the rest of the world. Chinese broccoli, bok choy, overgrown cilantro, Thai chilies, jicama, pumpkin squash, etc., stuff people wouldn’t normally find at a grocery store. It’s really something to see how much my parents can grow on such a small amount of land. 

Then there’s me, who really works as the retailer for them like this morning. Currently it is 47 degrees Fahrenheit with only the sun to rely on for warmth as the wind gives the chills even with my jacket on. I just complain pretty much when I’m here about how there’s a lot of people or people aren’t very snobby or…well just about the people but I digress as this is a flea market. 

All in all it’s usually a good day as people flood in waves and the veggies entice my appetite and we make money. I can never complain about that.


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