Taking some time to write

I’m sure there hasn’t been that many post to this blog but I’m still trying to get into my new schedule after this move. Yep, my fiance and her college roommate have moved into out new home (renting, because we’re just so poor). It’s been a good move so far (knock on wood…and I’m sure there will be a few more parenthesis within this post). The neighborhood is a bit intimidating but that’ll take some time to get used to, no real worries though…yet.

The house itself is nice. 2 floors and the only house that had the washer/dryer plug-in downstairs (I know, this makes no sense at all). Plenty of room for my junk, fiance’s stuff and the roomy’s furniture. The unpacking went a bit smooth as well, considering I myself have been pretty much living out of my car for the last month of so I only had so much to attribute to the conglomerate of items within the house.

I think this is all that I can contribute to the slow process of writing about life. I will go ahead apologize too for that, no sense in keeping it in. Well, until next time.


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