A Monday Eve

Well, what’s been going on since my last post (and yes it has been a while) and quite a lot has happened. I’d say just from memory that it was about late April since I posted and I’ve been on the move, and by moving I quite literally mean moving. My fiance’ and I and one of her roommates from campus have found a home to rent while we are getting out feet settled. It’s been a smooth transition while living at the house now. Commute is not too bad for all of us, and the neighborhood hasn’t shown any negative signs.

You know, it’s kind of sad that I can’t really remember that much since then. Oh, I reconnected with a few old high school friends (sounds kinda desperate to me) through sports and such like the good ole’ days. It’s been fun and well…great getting back into that habit of playing any sport.

Man I’m lazy. I am already getting exhausted from typing this. Maybe next time I’ll have a better excuse then “I’m getting tired” to stop writing. I’ll try getting on at a better time when trying to write this.

Oh, and try Pokemon Go


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