Some consistency

So since I got the new keyboard my fiancé (Kasey, which I will be using for now on) has been taking the iPad to school with her so she can use it while at school instead of lugging around her laptop. With her doing that I’m going to force myself to keep updating with or without the iPad since well I can practically use anything to do it. It just seems more…blogger-ish to use the iPad since this world had become more mobile and my older (2012) laptop is getting old and not really able to hold a charge. It’s usually at 1% when I have it plugged in so you can imagine how long it will last when I unplug it. 

In the mean time I am still trying to get used to this tiny ass keyboard. I can keep my eye off the keyboard but I will notice a mistake every now and again. Besides this small issue, I began playing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on the Xbox One. It is a free game available I think through August of this year. Not sure what’s coming up next for the free games but this and WWE 2k16 is out too and well, but I’d rather play some endless button mashing mob killing video game which brings some good memories from my past. 

As my finally thought, today’s preseason game for the Panthers was a bust and they didn’t look too good but it’s only the preseason. GO PANTHERS!!!


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