Update! Well sort of…


So, I can understand that it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I know this sounds like the last post I made…maybe a few months ago (I’m too lazy, sick and tired to look). Any who… things are moving along with this wedding thing. 216 days til the day it happens (today is January 15).

I would like to say that I’ve improved on my whole participation part of the planning. I need to get more catering options for us so we can go ahead and choose our food. It’ll probably cost us a good bit but I know it will be worth it. This evening we actually started our registry (kind of a guilty pleasures thing for us). I know this isn’t the most important thing for us but it is one step towards the weeding. The photographer is kinda set and the venue is booked for the most part. Kasey has her dress and some possible brides maids dresses which is good for her. For me though, I still have to see what there is as possibilities for me and the guys. We’re thinking grey as she is have a dusty rose color for the dresses (not her’s, it’s supposed to be white…duh!).

Ugh, more later. My eye balls are hurting and I’ve got to go to bed. Work calls in the morning but we shall see if my cold will keep me from going. We’re slow right now as it is so it won’t hurt too much to miss a day, except for my paycheck which is going to be a bit slim but who’s keeping track anyways. So long for now, I’ll try to keep going at this now that I have a decent setup with my computer.


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