A quick life update

So the last few months has been quite the journey. The wedding plans are coming together quite well being my wonderful fiancé is handling some of the bulk. She’s as stressed as ever considering that she’s still in college. So far the food is decided on, arrangements are somewhat in the bag, photographer deposit is paid, attire is almost chosen and the venue is paid in full. Nothing to truly complain about yet, and we’re doing most of this ourselves. Plus there is an origami fiasco brewing up at her moms house that will be a huge surprise for most come the day. 

Anywho, the fiancé and I are back at it again playing DnD. It’s been a while for us and I honestly think that it’s coming along quite well. We began our adventures at Your Local Gaming Store in Matthews, NC. It’s a small venue with lots of heart. I’ve heard of this place for some time now and a couple of weeks ago was the first time I walked into there. I was impressed after our first beginners session. We had some pre-generated characters that we’ve come to like, although she’s still up in the air about how she wants to play. Right now she is adventuring with a lvl1 Fighter/lvl1 Ranger. It’s something new to her as she usually plays a sneaky rogue. As for myself I’m rolling with a wizard. I’ve rolled a wizard before but have never played as one. I’d say that it’s been a blast (not quite sure if this pun was intended, but I’ll go with it). 

Hopefully in the near future we can get my brother in law and a couple of nieces to roll some characters and have our own little adventure going. As for now we are enjoying Adventures League at Your Local Gaming Store. To make this situation a plus is we are moving closer to the are of the game store so our drives home won’t be too long on a weeknight.

After writing this, I wouldn’t have thought that I would put wedding and Dungeons & Dragons together in the same place, that and it’s about to snow after we’ve had some 70+ degree weather in the middle of February. Here’s to weird weather!!!


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